Smile Design

Tooth whitening can be just the beginning. If you want to get serious, you can have your teeth and gums overhauled completely. Smile design is what most cosmetic calls it

For example, if your gums show too much when you smile, that can be fixed. That is what’s called a gum lift. The technical term for this procedure is called crown lengthening. What a great way to improve you’re over all smile design.

You can also have your teeth shaped any way you want them to be. The lengthening and rounding the edges of your front teeth can actually make you look younger. A lifetime of chewing wears down your teeth. Worn teeth can add years to your appearance and take away from your over all smile design.

To shape a tooth, a cosmetic dentist may bond a resin or porcelain veneer or crown to it. Resin bonding is the older method. It still is good procedure and used a lot today, but it doesn’t last as long as porcelain, the newer material to create a better smile design.

Tooth whitening is a process of lightening the color of teeth. It’s used to erase stains that come from coffee, tea, red wine, cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco. It will lighten teeth that have darkened because of age or are naturally yellow or dark.


Smile Design Before And After